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I like using the switches to increment & load and decrement & load. I use a third footswitch connected to the OX9’s right input to engage the tuner. This way, I can keep the H9’s right footswitch in tap tempo mode.

I have the expression input on my second H9 set to expression pedal + aux mode. I connect my expression pedal to the right side of the OX9 and use the left button on the OX9 to engage the FLEX/Hotswitch functionality on any effect that makes use of one.

On H9 Control, go to “Pedal” > Aux switch mappings > and you can see 20 or so plus looping feature you can map. You just have to decide what you’re going to use most. The left switch on the OX9 is “Foot switch 2 (Ring) and the right footswitch is “Foot switch 3 (Tip+Ring). If you’re going to use a third switch, map that to “Foot switch 1 (Tip).”