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Eventide Staff

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your interest in Eventide. I also enjoy using an HX Stomp, so I’ll answer your questions one by one below.

So when using the H9. Do I need to think about things differently where you use multiple presets to achieve what the Line 6 does with one preset?

You’re right about two things: Yes, the H9 is designed to run one Eventide algorithm at once, so you cannot create virtual pedalboards the way you can on HX Stomp. Secondly, it is possible to organize your presets on H9 so that consecutive presses takes you through your presets according to your performance needs. But I’ll discuss the optimal way to use H9 at the end.

So in the case of the H9, would you set up a preset with a tremelo that also has a delay ability and save it to say, preset #1 and then preset #2 would have just a delay saved. Then to use it in the song, just bank up and back for the verse and chorus?

Yes, that works.

When switching banks is the tone seamless? No breaks in the sound?

When switching between presets that use different algorithms, there may be a slight lag depending on the complexity of the algorithm. Switching between presets that use the same algorithm are the most seamless. Also, keep in mind the H9 does not continue delay or reverb trails when switching presets. It can, however, continue trails when bypassed. So as you design your effect setlist, these are things to keep in mind.

In another example say I needs a phaser and delay for the verse and a chorus and different delay setting for the chorus and the bridge uses a delay and reverb. To do this in practice with the H9 would you do this with 3 different presets and just bank up and back as needed?

Correct. But remember though, the H9 can only do one algorithm at once, so unless there is a specific algorithm that has all the elements in it you are looking for, you cannot combine effects like phaser and delay. Usually, it’s either or, but not both. Delay and reverb does exist on H9 in the “SpaceTime” algorithm, but not phaser+delay.

Is this how the H9 is supposed to be used and how the unit can get away with only two switches?

This is my favorite question. It’s best not to think of H9 as an HX Stomp replacement. The Stomp has wonderful routing capabilities allowing us to use an H9 in an effects loop for routing pre/Post amps or other effects in the HX Stomps signal chain. This is how I make the most of my H9/HX combination. But the key element in harnessing the power of your H9/HX combination is using a MIDI controller. To answer your question directly, the H9 can get away with only needing two switches because it is very powerfully MIDI capable. In fact, with enough programming know-how you can make the H9 control the HX Stomps presets and use auxiliary switches to control other functions. With a MIDI controller, you can control both units very easily with simpler button commands. MIDI control is what most advanced players are using to do the things you want without tap dancing on a bunch of pedals at once. If you can find a MIDI controller with looop switching capabilities, you can incorporate any other pedals in your rig.

Let me know what other questions you have.