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While it seems like this issue previously was a possible bizarre breakdown on both ends, I am aghast at the fact that he was told that Eventide doesn’t provide phone warranty (customer) support. That’s just absolutely unacceptable. I have experienced many incidences where companies have used the Plandemic as an excuse to lessen what was already an atmosphere of mostly abysmal support within the marketplace and put all the “footwork” and “hoop jumping” on the customer, but it is sad to see that Eventide has possibly succumbed to this dirty slow moving, but certain aspect of the Global Reset. Modern technology (cyber communication) is not a substitute for one on one service and should never have been decided to be, or become the norm. It’s a shameful state of affairs and if we as the buying public continue to accept this “slow creep” of rotten Socialist and Crony Capitalist induced economic and business models we will be very sorry someday soon.

I had always thought of Eventide as a smaller company who doesn’t play the “fat cat” Corporate sleeze game. Please tell me I’m wrong! Oh and sorry for possibly hijacking this thread, but this sort of crap has become intolerable to me lately.