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Hello Alex, thank you for your great question. In order to control the parameters on H9 in this manner follow these steps:

1) Connect the MIDI out of your synth to the MIDI In on the H9

2) Make sure both devices are communicating on the same MIDI channel.

3) There is a MIDI a learn function on the H9 itself. Go into System Settings > MIDI > RCV.CTL > go to the KB0 – KB9 settings. These correspond to all the parameters for each algorithm. Let’s use KB0 as an example, which is usually mapped to the MIX control of each algorithm. When you select KB0, you’ll see the left side flashing. On the right side of the display, it shows you which CC# currently controls that parameter. Press the right footswitch once to make the right side of the display flash. To engage MIDI learn, press the right footswitch once again and “LEARN” will be shown on the display. Move the knob on your synth and the H9 will automatically sense the CC#. To program the next parameter, press the left footswitch and turn the big knob until KB1…etc is displayed. Repeat the last few steps for all the parameters you wish to control.

A more visual way of programming is using the H9 Control software. Go to Pedal > MIDI Settings > Assign MIDI CC messages > Set Parameter 1-9. Here you can manually enter the CC numbers you want to control each parameters. There is no MIDI learn function here, however. You have to already know what CC#s the knobs on your synth are sending.