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I am attempting to create presets and assign program changes with 4 Eventide Factor pedals using H9 Control on a windows pc.

and space.

I have 10 presets on each pedal that I put in the first 10 preset slots.

midi controller pedals I am using: Rocktron Midimate, midi out to

midi in on Rocktron Patchmate Loop8 Floor. midi out/thru to

midi in on Eventide Factor pedals, linked together(midi out/thru) .

I want to set each Eventide pedal on a different midi channel (channels 2-5). the PatchMate will operate on midi channel 1. So I want to have my gear set up on 5 different midi channels. I have set up the Midi Mate to broadcast on each channel and recall different presets from each device for each Midi Mate preset. I am not really sure how to go about setting this up….

using H9 Control, I want to create presets and set up program changes with my 4 Eventide pedals.

Any information that could help me set this up with the Eventide Factor pedals would be greatly appreciated!