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The H9 factory preset list includes quite a few Pink Floyd presets, one or two for U2, and a few others for popular songs.  If you look at the names you can guess which ones b/c they are word plays (presumably TM issues preclude the use of actual song names).   The first 20 presets in that list are intended to be simpler commonly used guitar effects.

Almost every algo is capable of 2, 3, or four effects at once.  Don’t be afraid to turn some knobs right off to make a simpler preset.  For example, Resonator makes a great basic delay and reverb if you simply turn all the “notes” (the bottom four knobs) to off.  You can also turn the “length” off and you have a great reverb with just the “mix” and “reverb” knobs operable.

Generally, the H9 algos (the gray ones) tend to offer more complex combinations of effects.  For example, SpaceTime has dual delay, reverb and chorus with the ability to digitally reconfigure the signal chain (for example, delay into reverb or delay parallel with reverb).  It can also do a leslie (with reverb).

Eventide made FABULOUS tutorial videos for the Dot9 series of pedals.  While some of that doesn’t apply to the H9 I think they are still the best resource for doing a deep dive into the corresponding H9 algos.

Look in the top right hand corner of the h9 control app screen when you select a preset.  There is an “info” tab where you will find a description of what each knob does.

Good luck!