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gas hed

I’m in a cover band too and am all about the simplicity of the H9.  Pic of my rig below (acoustic effects on top and electric on bottom).  Having a MIDI controller is a must, I use the Morning Star MC-6.  Easy and instantaneous program changes during songs.  It did take me a while to figure things out, but now that I’ve got a memory on how things work it is much easier.  It really comes down to spending time with the H9 and getting to know where certain effects will sound like the recorded song.  For instance, I’m covering the intro to Black Hole Sun and went back and forth between the Rotary effect and Tricerachorus.  I got both dialed in great and actually keep them both on the bank I have programed in the MC-6 for that song.  Depending on my mood I’ll use one or the other!