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I had AXI (everything that comes with it, including 2016SR, and the other one with the similar name, “stereo room”), plus 2 or 3 of the H9 plugins, all authorized on my iLok. When I ran the AXII installer it made it through the portion of the install that wipes out all of my previous authorizations, then an undefined “error” occurred and when I re-tried, I got a message saying the licenses I needed to surrender were not found in my account. Evidently because the installer erased them. I have no idea how to resolve this so I’ll likely have to wait until I hear from support. All of my other iLok stuff (and non-iLok plugins) are working fine.

The only Eventide plugins I didn’t already have installed were the new Split EQ plugin, and a couple of the H9 plugins they added to AXII. The Eventide plugins I previously had installed were working just fine until I tried to install the update. Then it sort of uninstalled everything I had from Eventide. Not exactly what I was expecting.