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Hi ya’ll.

The midi clock module is still broken.  I reported this issue with reproduction steps and attached Vsig files back in October but never heard anything back from support …..which was frustrating, but understandable. (AUD-39086).  I sent another follow up email to that thread a week ago and have received no reply.

In short, MIDI sync doesn’t, and hasn’t worked when you need actual clock info for building loopers.  With current software/firmware Sync always drifts, and often ‘glitches’ no matter how you set it up.

Here are some of the things I have tried:
-Tempo Mode set to DAW

-Tempo Mode set to MIDI clock, both USB and DIN tested

-Sending Midi Clock From Logic Pro,  (every possible permutation of sync options tried multiple times)

-Sending MIDI clock from Arturia Keystep connected directly to the H9K with no interface or DAW in between,  direct cable connection


DAW mode is altogether useless and all of the clock methods drift out of sync or ‘glitch’, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after a couple minutes.


Mac OS 12.3.1

Logic 10.7.3

Aggregate audio device via USB; Lynx Hilo and H9k.

Emote 2.0.5{1}

H9K 2.0.5{2}


I’ve attached the VSIG file I sent back in October to test with.