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<p style=”text-align: left;”>@joeydego mind your own f*****g business. I’ve payed for this unit and I didn’t steal nothing. I hope someone else does. I hope it get cracked and everyone can use it for free. The limited time promotion was misinformed to the customers and they have no loss on activate it limitless for the customers that already payed for the h9 max. Also they are discontinuing a product, that already was too expensive for what they offered on that little box. They are showing that they ripped all owners off showing that we could use a plugin instead. And sounds the same as the unit. Regardless that you have to buy a midi foot controller to run that useless little box. Next time I’ll buy Strymon, boss or Roland. Eventide business model sucks and it isn’t what it used to be. They stayed in the past. Good luck.</p><p style=”text-align: left;”></p>

Ok, I hope it get cracked soon like most of your other plugins as well. Thanks for your help.

Give them to me for free or I’ll steal them. nice guy

I totally agree, nicototem. We were entitled to the plugins but for whatever reason (no email sent / went to promotions folder, etc), we’ve now been hung out to dry. There are now a whole pile of people who’ve bought a flagship Eventide product, who will never buy one again. I’m one of them. I only hope that if enough people point this out, Eventide will do the rational thing and credit the plugins to the accounts of H9 Max users who had registered units at the time of the ‘promotion’

Entitled? You’re only entitled to what you pay for. It was a limited time promotion. LIMITED TIME. That time has long passed. If you didn’t redeem the promotion, thats no ones fault but your own. The sense of entitlement on this thread is disgusting.

Yes please go “support” another brand and steal THEIR product. Downloading cracks is NOT a customer.


They sent emails out and it was widely publicized. You cant manage an inbox and of course, thats someone else’s fault.