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Thanks, I’ll have a look at 1980’s chorus.

Regarding the integrator, as the block is, it’s not particularly useful. It acts as an accumulator from a reset event. I could see potential for use from a peak detection perspective for things like transient v steady state manipulation, similar to SPL’s transient designer, or maybe as some kind of triggered envelope, but struggling to see other applications.

In industrial automation, integrators usually have a time factor (or reset time) that defines a window over which the integrator acts.  Essentially the integrator integrates a time or number of samples, and discards the oldest ones while filling the buffer with new values allowing the integrator to smooth a signal, or to oppose fast change (in a similar way to a shock absorber, which is essentially a physical integrator), or most commonly to accumulate an offset signal (used in PI and PID controllers).

Single sample integrators act as back step operators or shift registers, but that is probably more easily achieved using a single sample delay within VSIG, for really low level modelling.

Can I make a request for an additional integrator block with a sample buffer over which the integration happens, with a user definable time constant (either in ms or samples).  This would be very useful for audio, for example, it would be useful for smoothing signals to meters, or for calculating short term levels for slow acting compressors or for gain automation.