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Guess I’m a little late to the party.  I had surgery earlier this year and between the recovery and therapy I was overwhelmed and unable to keep up with email and the promotions.  So I’m just now realizing there was an upgrade to Anthology.  I own AXI plus everything that was added to AXII except Split EQ …and I actually started to purchase *it* when it was released, but then I read from someone with Eventide that it would be included in Anthology.  So I held up on purchasing at their suggestion.  However, I didn’t understand that getting SplitEQ would require an upgrade, i.e., effectively having to purchase it after all.  I’m seeing AXII upgrade prices of $39, $79, and such in this thread.  However mine is much more at $99.95.  So my question is:  Did I unfortunately miss a lesser intro price on the upgrade?  The $99.95 seems a little pricey to simply add SplitEQ, especially when that is the price being offered to the world (actually LESS — only $99).  Seems there would be a loyalty break for owning the bundle.