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so you can say that commonly the room-size (rsize) and diffusion-size (dsize) should both be of low values for small rooms and higher values for bigger rooms then?  is that right?

in your last paragraph when you are talking about size, are you the refering to room-size or diffusion-size?  but if my theory aboive is right that would be about the same thing, or?

so for instance lets put this into a practical example to see if i got it.  im thnking of a room thats small with hard surfaces and rather lof ot stuff to bounch on, everything is of smooth mateerials.  so will these common reverb-settings then be accurate?

decay: short

diffusion: low

dsize: high

early reflections:  high

room-size: small

pre-delay: short

thats the values i have set before, but now after are discussions, maybe dsize also shall be low like room-size, or?   but on the other hand since the room is small there will be a hefty build-up of reflections so it will very fast be dense and lots of them, thats why i set dsize to a high value??  a bit confused about that???

and above all thank you very much for your help and taking your time to help me with this confusing matter, thanks very much 😀