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Oh ok – yeah, I guess I imagining you were going to use only drum pads for everything, and it wouldn’t be possible to have so many of those to make it necessary to need another channel.

Still, because of the interval-based way of doing things, it’s hard to imagine needing more than, say -14 to +14 = 29 movement keys, so it still seems to me even as things are currently implemented with one MIDI channel, those could be, say, assigned to the upper range of the 127 MIDI notes available, and that would leave more than enough keys on the bottom part to do control changes, no?

It’s possible I’m still not completely getting what you write. When you say, “to have one keyboard, like a small QuNexus, change the keys or notes for a larger one that I could play more freely”, I guess you mean the small QuNexus would do control changes and then the larger keyboard would do the interval moves? I don’t think you need a particularly large keyboard for your Misha movements, though. Unless the larger keyboard is also for ‘pass through’ events? And there’s no drum pads in this scenario, right?

Anyway, I can see some advantage to separating the two into different MIDI Channels.  Another approach is what Steve De Furia does in his demos, which is to put some control type stuff into CC #’s, using buttons or sliders that are typically found on a MIDI controller. The MIDI/Midi Mapping/MIDI CC menu is identical to the MIDI/Midi Mapping/MIDI Note one, so you can assign those as you would MIDI Notes. CC’s are typically continuous values, as you know, but in this case they are for on/off events – i.e., any time the value is on or above 64 it triggers an event.