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      I’m not sure if it’s getting across how amazing this piece of kit is.  No, I don’t have one yet.  Kind of holding out for the (reported) cased standalone, although it’d be easy enough to DIY one.

      From the specs & NAMM demos, this brings me back to my teenage research into 20th Century classical music.  But it also addresses my later explorations into microtonal / SCALA synths.

      And let’s not forget the potential for scale-constrained improvisation.  I wouldn’t be using the chicklet button input as much as the external control from KBs and MIDI pedals / ‘boards.

      Not so sure I want to start down the Eurorack rabbit hole, but I can see many other applications over MIDI.  I’d be very interested in hearing from Misha’s early adopters about their own impressions.

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      Just got mine in. Pretty amazing module so far, but there are definitely features I am missing already:

      1. Ability to define/play your own chords

      2. Different sequencer modes, especially a non-dodecaphonic/tone-row mode. It would be nice to have a sort of like a ‘cell’ (in music theory terms) sequence mode where you can repeat notes without resorting to a workaround (play something in another scale with many more notes and then scroll back to the original scale).

      3. More rhythmic expression in the sequencer (different rests, ratchets, etc)

      4. It would be nice to have a PC/Mac editor as well! This thing is deep and I think some of the advanced MIDI work could really benefit from this.

      5. Different onboard sounds besides the sine wave would be great


      I’m still in the early stages here, but it looks and feels great!

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      I’d also love a SCREENSAVER to preserve this beautiful screen!

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      It would also be cool to be able to deactivate certain notes in a scale. For instance, go to the menu and choose which notes in the currently selected scale should deactivated. Or hold the encoder and scroll to something like this.

      But really, the screensaver is desperately needed ASAP.

      I’ve also noticed when using the internal clock, when I go into the menu, the sequence stops. It would be nice to have it keep going.

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      Some video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx24y4aN1YE


      Misha continues to open up new possibilities to me. Great module!

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