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You’re welcome. I haven’t setup a MIDI configuration with the H9000 and Pro Tools myself, something like this is probably better suited for a DAW like Ableton Live.

Emote can control 2 H9000s simultaneously, and this does not require 2 instances of Emote. However, I was just testing this and unfortunately the automation is only configured to work with 1 H9000 at a time, the automation parameters for additional H9000s do no show up. I have logged a request to allow automation for multiple H9000s, but it is hard to say if or when this feature would be added since there are not many users who own 2 H9000s and we have higher priority items to address for H9000 development.

For a dual H9000 setup, I would recommend investing in a dedicated MIDI controller that you can customize and use to record your MIDI automation into Pro Tools with.