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Having Factory presets programmed “over the top” was (not so much anymore) a common thing among manufacturers. The idea was that the units would be tried out in noisy music stores and its purpose was to grab the buyer right out of the gate. With the advent of YouTube and a million gear demo channels this attitude has diminished a good bit. However, I never felt the H9’s preset FX levels were very extreme. At least not compared some digital MultiFX units of the 80’s and 90’s. It was a given back then that it would be necessary to make your own or tweak the factory.

As far as not being able to control the FX level on the H9 was a bit confusing to me. I was out of town when this post was made and didn’t have the H9 available to test this. I never had an issue with getting the right levels. I usually use the H9 either in 4CM with send and return level controls or now I use it in the FX loop of a Fractal FM3 and have many ways to control levels and I suppose never realized any of these issues and/or shortcomings.