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The larger problem for me is there is now no way to get a vertical fader bank with externally controllable label values.

sknob3 would be the obvious choice for this application as it seems to be designed for this, the problem is that it has always been broken on the H9k.   It offers the option to set the appearance between numeric, hfader, vfader, and round.  However all choices just end up displaying as a round knob.  🙁

My previous workaround was to use c_graph which has the added benefit of being able to use less screen real estate, however it is now functionally broken.

Vertical faders are much better when you want to set banks of 8 controls and want to visually be able to see their relationship to each other.  i.e.  Diatonic shifter banks, Multitap delays, Filter banks, etc, etc.

Could we please get a fix for this application?