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Is it possible for me to record a track of my bass signal and run it back through the H9 whist I experiment with the algorithms and settings?? It would save me a lot of time and allow me to focus on the H9 instead of playing? I don’t have a looper pedal, and can’t work out how to send a pre-recorded signal from Garage Band to the H9 and then to my headphones. Any thoughts?

A looper pedal is helpful for this type of editing. To do it with any DAW like GarageBand requires that you have an additional output other than the ones your monitors are connected to. For example, if you record a bass track, instead of sending that signal to the master output, you can send it out out an additional output of your audio interface to the input of the H9. From the output of the H9 connect it to your Bass amp. That way you can use GarageBand to loop the track.