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well actually, you are correct.

I found a workaround with Parallels running Windows in order to access VSIG.

I’ve exported what I was interested in so that I can be creating presets in another platform that replicates their sounds.

Fortunately, members of another vendor’s forum are much more proactively helpful in providing solutions.

I’ve loved Eventide for many years the Factors as well as the H8000, they have been awesome, although the H8000 is massive overkill for a guitar rig, fortunately, I’ve found something that replaces them all with a Company and Community that lives and breathes next level

Italoop, I was just telling someone about you the other day, you may be an Eventide Guru but you are an Anti-Brand ambassador for me, and your response typifies and exemplifies my opinion and the discussion I was having.

It may have taken 1o years but I finally have a product and community that meets and exceeds my needs and expectations,


you are right:

Not really


I won’t be using VSIG much and there won’t be bothered by not being able to use “3” and I most certainly will not be throwing away money on a H9000 as you’ve most definitely been the icing on the cake in cementing I just don’t love Eventide as I used, I’ve found an upgrade that suits me.