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I have five H9’s. My first graduated Max Class when the Max program started by virtue of buying 1/2 the algorithms; the remaining four are Cores elevated to Max since I own one Max. Q: where is the accounting for Max/Cores done? does the app check back with you with my account info?

When you open the app, if you are logged in, nothing happens. Once you log in the app cross checks the credentials with Eventide’s server to make sure you’re a registered user and the serial numbers correspond to your account. If it checks out, you can use the app.

Is the info stored in H9 Control data that will go away if I replace the iPad?

If you’re referring to user preset lists, yes. This type of data lives on the device. That’s why I always email my preset lists to myself in case I need to put them on another device.

if Eventide goes out of business, loses the customer data, or decides we’ve had enough – heaven forbid! – do my Cores revert to Core’s again forever?

No, unless you deregister them before we hypothetically go out of business. Otherwise, they will be Max units FOREVER.

Thank you for all the cool products over the years! still have my H3000, GTR4000 and H8000FW/Evenet

You’re welcome!