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Ha! I was describing precisely that setup in another forum just this morning. And if the external looper generates MIDI clock, you can sync up the H90’s Loopers as well…. Glad to see you again, brock! Looking forward to inspirational patches from you for the H90!

I’m just getting caught up on that explosive thread … serendipity.  I really like your choices for that ‘insert looper’.  So far, I’ve tried Beebo’s Loopler, the Tensor, the original Infinity. and some micro-loop tactics.  It’s very easy to get lost in the possibilities.

I immediately jumped into some Riley-esque / Steve Reich phase music experiments:  Looper – insert dual delay, with time-phasing via external control.  And there’s still the B slot to process the results, any way you like.

I saw your mention of the EHX 8 Step.  Myself, I always run an EV-5 passthough to Depth, and assign that as EXP 1.  So, regular expression available to everything, and sequencing is a footswitch click away.  The Step 1 slider is all the way up, so a Reset / Loop Stop gives full range to the EV-5 (with Toe down).  Better yet, you can ‘trim’ the range of any control sequences with the expression pedal.

Interesting thing about the compatible 8 Step Depth base setting.  With the H9s, a value of 5 was recommended.  Sometimes that would ‘drift’ – I don’t know why – and a value of 6 or 7 was needed for a full control range.  The H90’s pedal calibration must be much improved.  You can set the 8 Step Depth anywhere from 1 to 9, and it will calibrate accurately to that.  I’m thinking that can be used to customize & fine-tune your pedal sweep.

As for what parameters to target, the sky is the limit.  I like to modulate parameters that can’t be modulated any other way, especially time.  But there’s also tactics like creating your own unique waveform with the 8 Step, and targeting a Manual control with it.  The Even-Vide algorithm has spared me from creating that lopsided LFO for a ‘vibe.  True glissando pitch shifts make for a nice accent, but I’m seeing where I can do that within the H90 itself.

I don’t feel like I’m going to ‘master’ everything in this box anytime soon.  Every time I get in front of the H90, I find some new way to get where I originally intended to go with it.