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I should report this officially, but I’m still trying to work out how, what, & why:  The H9’s received PCs are off by one, relative to the PC number transmitted by the H90.  That is, H90 Program Change 1 is received as Program Change 2 on the H9, etc., on up.  Anything received beyond the H9 List size limit pulls up No Algo (as expected).

I’m not sure if this is a victim of the classic MIDI PC 0-127 vs. 1-128 gag, or the H9 ‘Preset 0’ reserved as a buffer the current parameter settings, … It might be on my end, but I tried the two directly connected; same result (+1).  Just seems like odd behavior between ‘father & son’.

I’ve had perfect results with expression pedals / switches transmitting CCs.  As I understand it, the H90 follows the same XMT / THRU rules & limitations as the H9 has.  Quick question:  I was attempting to cheat CCs on through, by binding EXP 1 to one of 3 HotKnobs, with said HotKnob then set up to transmit a CC message.  Have I placed a faulty mental cable in that routing?