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Eventide Staff

Hi DaGuy,

First off, always make sure you’re connecting your cable to the pedal first, then plug it into the H90 so it senses the proper load.

I went to System > I/O > Exp & Aux > Calibration but that didn’t seem to work.

Did you set Calibration to ON? Did you rock the pedal back and forth so the H90 could sense the full range of your pedal? You know it’s working when it’s registering zero at heel and 100 at toe.

So far the system recognizes the heel down (as zero) which is correct but as the pedal travels from heel forward, the mapped parameter goes to max mid through expression pedal travel range, and then as the expression continues from mid to to max, the parameter just comes back down to around 45.

The Mission EP-25 PRO Aero has polarity switches on each output. Perhaps you need to change it to work properly with the H90.