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60 seconds is great, although I don’t think it will 100% fit my needs …

I hadn’t strayed away from the 2x 60 second max since I got the H90.  You inspired a little experiment.  Maybe I can get you 40-80% there.

[Disclaimer:  Monitoring through 2 Vox guitar amps and/or Sennheiser ‘phones; not flat nearfields, as yet]

  • (+/-) 1X @2 minutes:  Nothing wrong with this.  Very little tradeoff – if any.
  • (+/-) 1/2X @ 4 minutes:  Surprisingly, not a huge compromise here, either.  Especially if followed by most any kind of post-processing.
  • (+/-) 1/4X @ 8 minutes:  Special FX territory.  Robots on ham radios.
  • Bonus Fun:  Map the Speed parameters above to an expression pedal.

It may be a nice future-feature to export / import the looper data in & out to USB, or (more probably), in & out of the H90 Control app.  You could slide around that limitation now with a cumbersome workaround.  I can see where import / export might be quite useful, especially, for example, as one of two processors.