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hing is i can’t stop imagine all possibilities with its 4 inputs and 4 outputs, with more routing flexibility, it could also made a perfect buffer/splitting/mixing pedalboard/synth tool. things like: – a 4 mono inputs to 2 stereo output mixing tool with 2 onboard effects sends (with may be 2 dry signal mix out) – same as above but may be 3 intpus mixer with one effect and another mono input with the other algorithm. – in mono mode the extra output could be used as a buffered dry output pre effects (like a copy of the input) -two mono input mixer in mono mode operation. – more options to configure the effects loops, parallel loops for example? and may be hability to mix them with the dry signal. – a large etc…

Thank you for your suggestions, however, most of these will never be possible due to the current design paths. Plus, we tried to keep the cost down. It’s already possible to have a parallel loop, though more than one won’t be possible. We are, however, considering more options for configuring effect loops, though there is no timeline. You’ve got great ideas, nonetheless.