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Ok, now that I understand what you mean, let’s look at this way. In your example, you have 8 programs.

Short Hall &.8th delay
Short Hall & 8th delay
Short Hall & 8th into .8th delay
Short Hall & .8th into 1/4 delay
Short Hall & 1/4 delay
Modulated Plate & .8th delay
Modulated Plate & 8th delay
Modulated Plate & 8th into .8th delay
Modulated Plate & .8th into 1/4 delay
Modulated Plate & 1/4 delay

As you switch from one program to the next, the reverb will stay constant, but the delay trails¬†of the previous program will continue to trail out as you play along with the subdivision of the new delay time. It’s actually more seamless than switching to a different delay preset which would cause the delay to immediately change subdivisions as it’s trailing out.