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As one longtime H9 user to another, you may find this somewhat interesting: I know my way around H9 pedal navigation, but I used the H9 Control app almost exclusively for the heavy lifting. Especially with juggling 3 of them; Android or laptop Bluetooth. The exact opposite with the H90. Not a dig at H90 Control. I really like the layout, and it certainly gets used. It just speaks to the design advancements that I now do most everything by navigating the H90 pedal itself. Granted, it’s within easy reach right now, on the ‘experimenter’s perfboard’ (mixer stand). Still working out the possibilities & best integration into the system.

Yeah, IMHO ET did a great job with the pedal UI as well as the App GUI.  I bet the H90 (like the H9 before it) will be used by a very wide range of artists.  Making the H90 a great little workstation on its own will be especially great for DJ’s and small studios.

I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who hasn’t yet fully integrated the H90 into my rig yet.  I’ve played a lot of guitar at my desk/desktop computer of late.  Every time I think I have finalized a Master List I realize there is another new layer of control yet to be exploited or new sound to explore.

I think the Control App will become even more useful (indispensable?) soon.  For example, I think there is a fine-tune-parameter feature is not yet operable.  Also, I know I’ll be using the program-notes feature when it becomes available. Not only do I need to remind my future-self how my own (many) programs operate but the notes feature will include valuable program information as program sharing occurs.  Assuming you will continue to share your work, I know I would find developer notes from you useful.