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Of course, Joe is correct but it seems to me there are other ways to skin this cat.

If you have five reverbs and one delay, Joe’s example results in 25 programs right there.  A List can have up to 99 programs. If you are coordinating 5 reverbs and four delays.  That’d be 100 programs, no?

If I am not mistaken, the OP could set his H90 up for six aux switches and use midi to control seven time divisions per program as follows:

PROGRAM1: REVERB1 and DELAY1 w/time div1

AUX1 substitutes time div2 in place of time div1

AUX2 substitutes time div3 in place of time div1

AUX3 substitutes time div4 in place of time div1

AUX4 substitutes time div5 in place of time div1

AUX5 substitutes time div6 in place of time div1

AUX6 substitutes time div7 in place of time div1

You would then use  midi commands to make the AUX switches operate like radio buttons.

One reverb and one delay is only one program.  Five reverbs and four delays is only 20 programs.

If you only need four time divisions, this is even easier using hotswitches because they already operate as radio buttons.  Plus, all of this switching can be done without midi, using the three switches on the pedal itself.

This much is true isn’t it?

The part that I know I don’t understand is that the OP seems to want serial delays.  For example, “.8th into 1/4”.  If he uses one of the two algo slots for a reverb, where is he going to find one algo with two serial delays?  Is there a delay algo with serial delays?  Have I missed that?