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Eventide Staff

Hi RikjCarty,

Thank you for the complement and for supporting Eventide!

Is there a MIDI implementation (maybe via MIDI CC#) for changing USER LISTS ?

No, but it’s actually a good suggestion I will pass on.

It seems that the only way to change a LIST, is directly on the H90 using the Performance Knob, in EDIT mode.

Hmmm, I think you may be referring to using the Quick Knobs to narrow the List when searching for algorithms and presets. This is not for choosing the main Playlist, which can only be done in Global System Settings.

Although there are 99 program positions per LIST (Ie; USER List 1 -4)… My application for controlling the H90 during live performance is 100% MIDI control… for Enabling/Disabling of P/A/B controls… as well as being able to MAP & set various algorithm parameters on the fly via CC# via control patches from another device in my live application…

All of this is currently possible.

there still may be a point where a program or set of programs may reside in a different LIST. It looks like I can’t get to a different USER LIST in via MIDI control.

You are correct, but it’s a good suggestion.