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Thanks – I’ll do that. Though with those two limitations I won’t be able to do nearly as much as I had hoped with this thing once I get it. My hope/plan was to use one side of the H90 for delay, and the other side for more abstract effects that would only come into play occasionally (ramping tremolo, pitch delays, etc.).

Why I want this functionality: say I have 7 delay presets that I need regular access to (which I actually do in my current rig), and want to have 5 alternative effects on the second side of the H90. To be able to have every combination of effects would require me to have 35 programs. If I then want to tweak one preset, I’m going to have to open every program with that effect preset and manually change it – very tedious.

Ideally I could just have a library of presets that I could call up to either side of the H90 whenever I needed to. If I need to tweak something, I can call up the preset, change it, then save it back to the library. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would think this kind of functionality would be attractive to many, as it functionally allows the H90 to truly replace multiple pedals with a minimum of fuss.