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If I then want to tweak one preset, I’m going to have to open every program with that effect preset and manually change it – very tedious. Ideally I could just have a library of presets that I could call up to either side of the H90 whenever I needed to. If I need to tweak something, I can call up the preset, change it, then save it back to the library.

Maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to say in the original post, but you can overwrite the lone preset you’re using across as many Programs as you want. But if you want a copy of that preset, it is possible to have a copy and have it named the same as the original. But, I repeat, if you have a particular preset for an algorithm you use across multiple Programs, as long as you overwrite that same preset, it will reflect across all the Programs (because they’re using the same preset). Does that makes things clear?