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Eventide Staff

The Program name can only be edited using the pedal or H90 Control. When you export a Program and the saving dialog allows you to pick a name you’re just choosing a name for the exported Program file, you aren’t editing the Program data. I’m not sure if I can reproduce what you mentioned in the 2nd paragraph.

To keep things simple, the best way to deal with editing your Program names is doing so on the pedal or with H90 Control, and not naming them something different when you export the file.

Also, it is not necessary to export a Program just to move it or copy it to another list. You can accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Right-click/copy the Program, then select your new list and right-click/paste the Program to a new slot.
  2. Select the new list you want to copy the Program to, click the Programs tab at the top of H90 Control, locate the Program and drag and drop it to a slot on the list.

Let me know if that makes sense.