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Hey tbskoglund,

Thanks for the reply.

Yup… makes sense. Except that the H90 Control software is really powerful! Not having the ability to modify a program and exporting current data under a new name, can become cumbersome… and after renaming the program in the software or on the pedal, can overwrite a sweet “base” program that one spends the time to tweak and get just right… especially without the ability to “Insert/Shift” existing Programs in a given User List, and being limited to OVERWRITING existing slots in a User List. With, currently,  no ability to select USER LISTs via MIDI CC.  I guess either way, something gets replaced.

To your point…  your right. But I guess copying an un-tweaked base version of a patch first, then working from there, would seem a best practice. However, something to consider, is that after you’ve changed the program you want to modify, select copy (without saving)… the originally saved version of the tweaked program is copied to the new location. Not the modified version. So that’s kind of a bummer.

Is their room for an EDIT buffer maybe? Once a patch has been modified, then the writable program resides in the EDIT buffer? I dunno… just a thought.  Being able to COPY and/or SAVE the modified program with “current” data…sure would be sweet tho!

I’ve attached a block diag. of my stage configuration as well as an image of my External MIDI control implementation chart, for controlling the H90 from the GT-1000 that I’ve been working on. Other than creating programs… you’ll notice that there’s little reason to touch the H90 for performance.

Thanx for the feedback!


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