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It doesn’t seem to be a linear increase in dry:effect ratio turning the pot from full counter clockwise to full clockwise. It seems to have maximum dry signal present at 50%

That is correct, at the midpoint there are equal parts dry and wet. The P Mix is mainly to allow users to introduce the dry signal without going into the algorithms first. If you go fully clockwise, you will be hearing the results of the algorithms entirely, which only has dry signal present in proportion to where the Mix or Intensity parameters of the algorithm are set.

im trying to come up with the best, Pre Post mode, global Mix Program settings so I can then fine tune preset mix settings for the final sound design of a Program.

How are you approaching using the H90 in a Pre/Post scenario, are you using Dual Routing Mode?

It is more common to leave P Mix at 100%. Make your dry/wet adjustments within each algorithms Mix/Intensity controls. But it depends on your signal flow routing as explained below.

It seems all the factory programs have the P Mix at full clockwise (100%) but I often want to dial back the dry:effect mix a lot before I enjoy them. I’m wondering what others are doing if they too feel like the average program (or preset) needs mix reduction and if so is the global P Mix a good place to make that initial change?

If your aim is to dial back the dry/wet mix of a Program, there are a few ways to approach this. The most common way is to adjust the Mix or Intensity parameter WITHIN the algorithms to taste. The less common way is to use the P Mix because, while you’ll introduce dry signal back into the mix dialing back the P Mix, the wet signal effects will still be in the same proportions as both algorithm Mix controls are set. Do you see the difference?

P Mix is very useful when working with parallel algorithms, where you can set each algorithm to function in Kill dry mode. This alleviates the dry signal volume jump from the signal split. P Mix now gives you control over the dry signal going to both algorithms.