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How are you approaching using the H90 in a Pre/Post scenario, are you using Dual Routing Mode? It is more common to leave P Mix at 100%. Make your dry/wet adjustments within each algorithms Mix/Intensity controls. But it depends on your signal flow routing as explained below

Yes using Dual mode, usually a Pre Post as well but sometimes will put both algo’s Post or Parallel in Post or Pre as the situation warrants. Thanks for explaining that, It will help as move forward.


P Mix is very useful when working with parallel algorithms, where you can set each algorithm to function in Kill dry mode. This alleviates the dry signal volume jump from the signal split. P Mix now gives you control over the dry signal going to both algorithms.
That sounds like something worth exploring! So much to learn and apply that is baked into the H90.
I laugh now when I see/hear the comments of it being like two H9’s in one box. I still have my two ‘Max H9’s and probably will keep them because they are good but the sum of them is nothing near the totality of the H90.
Thanks! Tell the rest of the team they really have set the bar very high with what they have accomplished!