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Hello- thanks for writing

I can understand why in your example it seems as if it’s adding a 0 after every note- and actually it is, but technically the 0 isn’t being added to the tone row. Allow me to explain.

There are really two sequences going on. The first is the tone row, which you’ve recorded. Once recorded, the tone row itself cannot be altered- you can change how it’s played back in various ways, but there is no way to add new intervals to it.

The other sequence is called the “interval button sequence” and it specifies how you are navigating your tone row. By default, when you first record your tone row you hear it just as you recorded it, advancing one note in the sequence you recorded each time. In this case, the “interval button sequence can be represented as {+1}

The best way to really understand this is to turn your clock off in the clock screen (and have no pulse coming into the clock jack). Then record a tone row. Just as when the clock is on, when you have filled up the tone row you will transition from record mode to playback – the red Rec light will go off and the green playback one will go on – but with the clock off nothing more will happen. That is, it will not start playing the tone row by itself. Now press “+1” repeatedly- this advances you through the notes you’ve recorded in the order you recorded them, just as you would expect. But you can also advance through them in a different order. For example you can go backwards through the tone row by repeatedly pressing “-1”, or go by 2’s (skipping every other note) by repeatedly pressing “2”. You could alternate pressing +2 and then -1 for example and hear a pattern related to what you’ve recorded but it will take longer to cycle, etc.

Now turn the clock back on – it should be flashing the “+1” repeatedly as you hear your tone row.  The interval button sequence is just a way to automate what you just were experimenting with manually above.  Let’s say you liked what you heard when you played +1, -2, +3 in a cycle. So turn the clock back on and while the tone row is playing, now using the method you described (press and hold user 4 plus an interval button), add the second two of those 3 intervals to the interval sequence (the first, “+1” is already in there). As you add them you will see that the lights light up to indicate which one is being “played”. This sequence can be represented as {+1,-2,+3}, and it just means that the next note in the tone row will be determined by where you are in the interval sequence; I.e, first you will move one forward in your tone row, then back two and then three forward and then that cycle will repeat. This is an interesting way to get complexity out of your patterns, depending on how those intervals – and the length of the interval button sequence – relate to the number of notes in the original tone row.

As I mentioned, as  far as what you are trying to do – add an interval to an already recorded tone row – at the present time we don’t allow the user a way to do that.

Let me know if that makes things clearer.