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I had submitted a long, detailed reply to this, and … something went terribly, terribly wrong.

I don’t know that you can recreate Circular Delays with a single TimeFactor, or H9.  The way the algorithms are constructed, some aspect will always be lacking.  A 3rd delay, diffusion, proper panning position, balance over levels, or some combination of those.  A second delay or H9 will round out the emulation.  Here’s an earlier thread with some good information & preset attempts:


And yes, the H90’s Head Space is probably the best all-in-one (Preset) solution.  As stated in the video above, you’ll still need to ‘fake’ the diffusion with other parameters.  And note that Feedback seems to sum to mono, so you will only generate a single “circle”.

I have some H90 Head Space and alternate Program templates that I’ll save for a followup reply.