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Thanks for the reply apalazzolo, that’s the same quick reference guide that came with the pedal. After spending more time with the unit I still believe this pedal was made for studio musicians who already know everything about every switch, and know what the use of MIDI is for in this pedal and have the time to make necessary knob adjustments before recording.

I have no current experience with new pedals. When I had them it was one pedal for one effect you could bring into the chain or not. With a device like this where two effects are built into one device it seems to serve a better purpose in a studio than a live performance. While having 5 presets is nice, it doesn’t get me all the way there. I understand I can have up to 127 presets. But again I know next to nothing about MIDI so knowing I can have 127 presets for the pedal doesn’t mean anything to me because I have no idea how to get to those presets into the device, nor do I know how to switch between those presets live.

I kind of liken this type of pedal to a modeling amp. As an example, a Katana has a ton of built in digital pedal effects much of which can be used at the same time. While having a boatload of effects built into an amp is nice for studio work where you have time to play with the amp before you record, once again it’s useless for those who play live as during a show I can’t sit there and mess around with knobs and switches to make sure I get the sounds I need for the song I need to play. If I don’t have access to multiple presets to cover an entire performance so I don’t have to play with a device in real time then the device is useless to me.

If I only can choose between 5 effects on stage then I need to sell this pedal and get something else. Really to me the simplest thing to do and best for live performances us one effect per pedal so one effect can be brought online and back out again without taking anything else out with it.


For me to use this pedal that means PRESETS. So using the ET quick reference guide, how to I set this device up to let me access 127 presets on stage?