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Going through the videos now. Looks like I’m going to need a MIDI pedal box to get what I’m looking for with this pedal. I need more than 5 presets when playing live. At the moment I’m having difficulty figuring out how to turn the volume down on the delay repeats. As of now the first repeat is the same volume as the dry signal and gets in the way too much. I was looking for just a decent 4peat delay with the delay effect volume about half what the dry signal is.


So now it looks like my decision to get this pitch delay is going to cost more than originally thought as I probably need a MIDI controller pedal to get live access to all 127 presets.


So now that I’m looking at MIDI pedals my wife walked by and saw I was looking at a modeling amp, which hopefully the MIDI pedal box can control both the MP delay and the AMP as well. That would be the goal, along with an expression pedal for controlling parameters and wah etc.


Now I just need to convinceĀ  her I need another amp and MIDI pedal. Thanks EvenTide šŸ˜‰