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I’d add that I was in your shoes no so long ago: live player, single effect experience, looking at newer whiz bang effects. So I hear you loud and clear.

Brock has given you some solid advice, especially pointing you to the Joe Cozzi tutorial video. That should cover the non-midi side of things.  I believe Joe did tutorial videos for all the dot9 pedals.

When I gave in to midi there was a steep learning curve and much of it came from the particular midi controller I used.  I chose Morningstar Engineering.  I learned to control my H9 from their tutorial videos and forum.  That’s the way it is … some of the info you need comes from the slave device, but most comes from the master device.

I would suggest you research midi controllers.  Once you find one you like, you can look to their manual to learn to control pedals generally (every controller is different).  Once you learn that you basically plug in the Micropitch data you have to get this pedal up and running.

FWIW, although I did some nifty midi things, I eventually decided midi programming was too laborious.  I just decided to accept the limits of a non midi set up.   You can really do a lot with Eventide’s editor, five presets and an expression pedal.

Hope that helps.