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Eventide Staff

Is there a way to quickly switch the default Ins and Outs on the H90 ?

No, there isn’t.

It would be nice to just leave all this connected up and switch to and fro on the unit rather than having to swap all the cables around. Is this done with inserts like this ? By turning Stereo Insert 1-2 on and off.

You have the right idea using the stereo insert to direct signal to the QC, but you would either have to turn on the stereo insert any time you want to do so or you could create another list with duplicate programs that already routes signal to the stereo insert.

I’m a bit confused as to what inputs and outputs are used as inserts by default.. I’m guessing Insert 1 is on 3 and and Insert 2 is on 4 ?

When using two mono inserts, Insert 1 uses I/O 3 and Insert 2 uses I/O 4. When using one stereo insert, use inputs 3&4 and outputs 3&4 for left and right, respectively.