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Thanks for staying with this apalazzolo. As of now I can’t use this pedal much live. I don’t play with my amps on stage, I don’t play with pedals while I’m working. Prior to this pedal and getting back into it I used ~3 pedals total and lived with the fact that my setup never got close to all the different setups required to produce an accurate tone. Hitting 3 switches and playing with the volume/tone knob was all we had. Nowadays the audience wants something authentic every time if playing covers. No one wants to listen to a Pretenders song while the guitars all sound like EVH at reduced volume.


I’m at a crossroads now. Stop where I am and go no further and live with it or start spending the cash to buy the tones people want to hear. From what it looks like I’ll need to pony up some serious cash to get to the point where I can get back to using nothing but foot switches and a expression pedal.

If I had to guess I’d say the reason all these companies are starting to put 12 effects into one box is because they’ve all written the code to produce the sounds they want. It doesn’t cost anything more to program a ROM with extra code to get a chorus, delay, reverb, compressor, distortion and overdrive. Since they have “multi control knobs” down pat now they can program in 50 functions per knob and recreate a whole studio for you. If you have the time.


If these things were made for complete ONSTAGE control of all functions I’m missing it because no one’s saying it.


Maybe it’s me. I haven’t had to “learn” anything for 40 years. Maybe youtube and forums are how people learn these days I don’t know.


Thanks much for your time sir. I’m closing this out and setting it aside until I make a decision on how much more money I’m going to spend for a hobby that’s not paying for itself.


Have a good one!