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Eventide Staff

Hi cellicello,

I would like to know how to be able to change a program in Perform mode,

Do you mean how to chang to a different Program or how to edit a Program?

and how to tap tempo on Select mode or Bank mode. Best

In every case, auxiliary switches and/or using MIDI are the answer. By design each mode on the H90 does specific things; Select mode is for exploring Programs, Perform mode is for control over those sounds, and Bank mode offers users batches of sounds for quick changes. We switch between modes as necessary.

If you prefer to stay in Perform Mode all the time and you want to change to a different program without using the H90, you can program an auxiliary switch or MIDI controller to change to a different Program.

If you want to tap tempo without going to Perform, you can assign Tap Tempo to an auxiliary switch in the System > Global > Pedal Ctl. For MIDI its System > MIDI > Global Ctl. For example, you can connect a three button auxiliary switch to the back of the H90 and one button can control tap tempo, and the other two can surf through programs and load them automatically.