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Eventide Staff

Hi Kosi

Add support for preset swapping from H90 Control how do I do this ?

In the Edit window of H90 Control, on the same line as the title of the Program, on the right, there are two arrows pointing in opposite directions; it’s next to the “i” icon. Press that and it will take the current algorithm in Slot A and put it in B, and take B and put it in A.

I also get no “graphic” feedback, when I swap on the hardware…

If you are swapping on the pedal while you are in Routing mode, you can see the algorithm icons change positions on the signal flow graphic. If you happen to be connected to H90 Control while you make the swap on the pedal you will see the algorithms switch positions on the app as well. As you swap within the app, if the pedal is in SELECT mode, you will notice the preset names swap in realtime. Similarly, if you are in PERFORM mode, you can see the mapping from one switch go over to the other footswitch each time you Swap.