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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Where to place my H9 in my pedal series? Reply To: Where to place my H9 in my pedal series?


Hey…Don’t turn those knobs on the POG up so much and that should fix it…Also you might wanna put the tuner first or have a buffer split at the beginning that sends signal to the tuner so it’ll work well when those other pedals are engaged

Thanks for the advice – I can certainly put the tuner first!

I’ll try not having the POG knobs so high; I don’t use the octave up function at all, but the octave down is a full, as is the dry signal knob.  I use it when using the Diatonic algorithm – means I can play nice chords.  I’ll try to find the right levels on the POG so that it doesn’t blast into the H9.