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Just got a Brand new mixing link today. There is a lot of hiss. I’m just testing. Sm58, I disconnected the effects so just the microphone to the unit off to a DL32/M32c. gain on mixing link off. (doesn’t matter though, doesn’t get louder or lower with any knob or button on the mixing link just a lot of hiss. when plugged in. I plug the mic directly into the DL32/M32 completely quiet. I really need this unit so we can do a specific effect B4 the m32 as that is just our IEM and then it goes to a split to FOH, so the effect has to be b4 everything. But now it looks like I’ll have to use a separate input, and mic for this one part in one song as I can’t have this hiss on the lead vox the whole night. What a Pain. Does anyone know if the radial Voco-Loco has hiss?