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This is a diagram showing what I am expecting and wanting to happen in the cases where I have inserts 1 and 2 assigned to the signal path in the initial spot or in a staggered setup:

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 10.12.29 PM

In the top example Insert 1’s signal (the stereo input from 1/2) feeds into both effects (A then B), while Insert 2’s signal (the stereo input from 3/4) only feeds into the second effect (B).

In the bottom example both Insert 1 and 2 are fed in at the beginning, so they should be summed together then passed into A, then B.

However that is not what actually happens when I try this. In both examples, Input 1/2 plays with NO effects applied to it. Effects only get applied to Input 3/4 for some reason.

Can someone help me understand what I’m missing, or is this a bug? Thanks.