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Eventide never intentionally set out to make the H90 act like a mixer for both sets of stereo paths, but maybe through experimentation you can make adjustments to the Stereo Insert Mix levels to make it behave in such a way. If you are using Insert Routing Mode, try connecting one synth to I/O 1&2 and the other synth to I/O 3&4. Create a Stereo Insert which will show up on the display as Insert 1&2. Setting the Insert Mix level from zero to 50% might work. I have not tried this. Try it and report back.

Thanks so much for the clarification. I’m sure the main problem is that I’m a keyboard player and this is my first outboard effects unit or pedal that I’ve ever owned, so some of the terminology isn’t familiar. I was confusing “insert” with “input”.

I will try experimenting as you suggest and get back to you. But I can probably just use my DAW for the routing with the unit in Dual Mode.

This makes me think there could definitely be a market for Eventide to make an audio interface with built-in Eventide DSP effects that comes with licenses for the same plugins to also be used in the DAW. In my dream world Eventide buys Metric Halo and combines forces 😀