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A few things to add.

1) This set up would not have worked if the sound quality was not up to scratch. I am pleased to report that in DSP bypass I find the sound quality excellent.

2) I like to “play” my set up. In my previous set up I had ES-8 switches to, for example, turn the modulation pedal on in any preset. The problem was that the ES-8 would not carry this setting into the next preset selection so I would have to turn it on again. I no longer have that problem.

3) I rarely used a compressor but had one on my board. The EQ Compressor in the H90 is excellent for my purpose so I have been able to dispense with the pedal.

4) Do I need an ES-8? Good question. Right now I don’t need 8 loops and I don’t need the Volume loop. I do need all of the switches. In fact I could do with at least 4 more.

I hope this helps anyone planning a similar set up. I don’t profess to have the ultimate set up. I just wanted to show how flexible the H90 is. In many ways the H90 and ES-8 remind me of my old TC electronic G-System before it became so obsolete.